• Dates : March 04 - 10, 2019
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Division A: 0÷15 Division B: 16÷28 Division C: 29+ Division D:  Ladies


The Organization Board will base on the results of the competition day to select the golfers with the best result for each Division

Friday (30/09/2016) : First Prize, Second Prize, Third Prize for 3 Divisions A,B,C & Technical Prizes  (Day 1) 

Saturday (01/10/2016) : First Prize, Second Prize, Third Prize for 3 Divisions A,B,C & Technical Prizes (Day 2)

Sunday (02/10/2016): First Prize, Second Prize, Third Prize for 4 Divisions A,B,C,D & Technical Prizes (Day 3) 
  • Championship Prize
    • ​Applied for all amateur golfers who has the best total scores during the 3 competition days
    • Prizes for champion: Cup & many valuable awards including 01 Membership Card of 36 hole FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links valid for 35 years and worth 20,000 USD.
  • Technical Prizes: 4 set of Cups & Awards for 4 Technical Prize Systems, each set of technical prizes for Friday & Saturday, 2 set of technical prizes for morning & afternoon of Sunday
    • Nearest to the PIN: All Par 3 holes                          
    • Nearest to the line: Hole # 5
    • Longest Drive: Hole #17  
  • Hole in One & Eagle Prize:  Hole In One Prize is only for the first golfer who achieves Hole In One. 1 golfer can achieve Hole In One Prizes at different holes.​
    • Hole In One (on Par 3 holes): 
      Prizes include: 01 high-end apartment, 01-04 high-class cars worth about VND 2 billion on hole #08, #14, #16; stay & play package worth VND 70 million; 03 long-term membership cards of FLC golf courses worth 20,000 USD. There are also many valuable prizes of other sponsors.
      Note: Golfers who are Hole-In-One sponsors, Hole-In-One sponsor’s guests (according to the list of Organization Board) can not receive Hole-In-One prizes at par 3 holes (#08, #14, #16) if they win Hole-In-One.
    • Eagle (on all Par 4 & Par 5 holes – no limit on number of Eagle prizes achieved): 
      Prizes include: 01 Membership card (5 year) of FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links worth USD 5,000; Voucher at FLC Quy Nhon Beach & Golf Resort.
  • Best Gross Prize of the Tournament: The only Best Gross Prize for the 3 days of competition will be given to the winner who is Amateur golfer.
  • Award Ceremony Party will take place on Sunday night: Presentation of Best Gross Prize & FLC Golf Championship Cup (carved with Champion name and kept at Clubhouse)
  • Group Ladies (Group D) will be calculated on the Sunday afternoon. The Organization Board will collect scorecards from previous sessions and calculate on the Sunday afternoon.
  • In case a golfer achieves many prizes, he/she can only receive the prize for his/her best achievement. The golfers winning prizes are responsible for paying taxes, fees, deductions (if any).

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