• Dates : February 17- 18 -19, 2017


Tournament Rules


The Organization Board will base on officially registered HDC of participating golfers to arrange divisions. In case the golfer has more than 01 Home HDC, the lowest Home HDC will be registered. For golfers who are not member of any Golf Club, their HDC will be verified by the Head of their Golf Association. Divisions will be arranged based on officially registered HDC and competition results will be calculated according to daily HDC (System 36). In case the HDC declared by golfer is not the same as the HDC verified by Golf Club, Golf Association, if that golfer win prize, the prize will not be valid. 
Winner will be golfer who has lower daily HDC if golfers have the same Net score. In case golfers have the same Net score and the same daily HDC, the Organization Board will count back from hole 18.

Club Rules & R&A Rules will be applied for the competition days.  

Men: tee off at Blue Tee.                                         Ladies: tee off at Red Tee.


Division A: 0÷15 Division B: 16÷28 Division C: 29+ Division D:  Ladies Division E: Golfers to maintain their amateurship


R&A Rules & FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links Rules will be applied as follows:
Out of Bound (OB): White stake                                       Lateral Water Hazard: Red stake

GUR: White Paint (or white stake)                                     Flower Bed: Green stake (Free Drop)
  • Embedded Ball: Embedded ball will be applied on the whole course (except for hazards). Embedded ball will be picked up, cleaned and put at the nearest point without penalty, but not nearer to the pin.
  • Immovable obstruction: Including cart path, drainage ditches, water sprinklers, control boxes, power posts. Golfers can drop ball 1 club to his side or behind without penalty, not nearer to the pin.
  • Bad weather condition: Bad weather condition: In case it is not possible to complete all the holes, the Organization Board will calculate Bogey for the remaining holes.
  • Double Par: Golfers will pick up the ball in case the score is Double Par.
  • Gimmi circle on Green will be applied. When the ball lies within the circle, golfers can pick up the ball and finish the hole and add 1 stroke.
  • Golfers are required to ensure fast play speed to the benefits of all the participating golfers.

Sign & submit scorecard:
  • Scorecard: Real score must be written on the scorecard, not over points: 0,1,2…Golfers must exchange scorecards with other golfers in the same flight and submit to the Organization Board within 15 minutes after completing 18 holes. Scorecard must have signatures of golfers and score recorders. Caddies are not allowed to write score. Official Handicap of golfers must be written on the scorecard of the competition day so that the Organization Board will have basis for calculating score.
  • Scorecard which are written not according to the Rules or erased will be eliminated.

Dispute and Doubtful issues:
  • In case of disputed issues arising, golfers are entitled to play 2 balls and reserve their results. The Organization Board will only settle disputes, complaints about scores 15 minutes before the award ceremony and will not responsible for explaining after the event finishes.

  • FLC Golf Championship 2017 is managed by the Organization Board. All decisions of the Organization Board will be final.
    All inquiries and disputes about Rules of the Tournament will be settled by the Organization Board, please contacdt Mr.Nguyen Thanh Trung – General Manager of FLC Quy Nhon Golf Links: ‎0972 987 789
    We sincerely thank all the sponsors, golfers and wish golfers a successful competition day.

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